How About a V2450GPS Mod Thread . . . Post Yours

  1. The battery retention tab is overkill and makes it difficult to change out batteries quickly and stresses the rest of the mount when used. Trimmed off the vertical portion only and used epoxy to create just a nub for slight interference with the battery.

  2. Others have mounted the LEDs through the lens and glued them in place. Trouble is this makes working on or replacing other parts difficult. Carefully made the holes in the lens so that the LEDs were a press fit with no need of adhesive (.115" with needle file).
    Really enhances night flights.

  3. Fly-away insurance . . . labeled contact info on the frame just in case.
    Update: 2 fly-aways and 2 recoveries by phone

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Gutted a Syma X5SC

Installed all components from the Sky Viper. Antenna are in the legs and Velcro holds the battery to the bottom.

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Nice . . . now I’m wondering what would be the absolute minimum frame you could mount the SV works in?

IIRC the GPS board has to be included because of the SV programming. So look at is as a flight stack. This is what I would like to try next using the parts from another SV GPS.

Removed original camera and mounted a 5.8ghz eachine tx02 camera. Relocated fc antenna to a extanal position. Led lenses removed and leds bent to slightly stick out the bottom.

Next mod is already in progress (Well parts ordered and on route to me). Complete reframe …



If at all possible, I’d like to get someone to weigh the stock gutted SV frame and also post a separate weight of all the electronics including the battery.

When I do my reframe I’ll do it for you.

All electronics and motors removed but with gears, props and covers attached I got 60g.

Wow . . . thought it would be heavier. I don’t have a good scale but maybe someone can chime in with the complete stock weight with battery?

Uhh :slight_smile:


They state here it’s 140g, 148g with prop guards.
So I’m guessing 118g is without battery and prop gaurds?

Dang that 30g SD card really drags it down. HA! I just measured the battery and it’s 28g.

Got ahold of a scale and here is my updated running weight totals:
Sonix = 17g
plus Ublox GPS = 30
plus STM32 = 37
plus Battery = 65
plus 4 Props & Screws = 75
plus 4 Driven Gear & Bearing = 82
plus 4 Motors = 104g
That’s 104g total for all systems to make it fly minus a frame & SD card

Plastic frame & body parts only - 38g

Motors 8.5mm X 20mm with overall length including shaft - 26mm
13T pinion gear - 4mm long X 4.5mm dia
77T driven gear - 22.5mm dia - on 2mm shaft ( 5.92:1 ratio)



Jeff, do you mind if I put some of your pictures on the Wiki?

Don’t mind at all . . . it’s the least I can do for all the newb questions I ask.
I’d like to label them properly beforehand if you could help with the descriptions of each.
I took top and bottom shots of each as well as cable routing steps during the “reverse engineering”.

Sure the first picture is the Sonix board. It has the Wifi, SD Card, APWeb code, and camera

The second picture is the STM32 Flight Controller

The 3rd pic is the UBlox GPS chip

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Can you redo the pictures with the Sonix board? It is spelled Sonix not Sonics.


LOL . . . sure thing . . . I was having a coney attack!

Good thread. I also modified my antenna to vertical as below. Initial test looks good, kept good WIFI connection for data (not for video) during 500m distance round trip. Simple mod, simply glued antenna there.

WIFI distance varies a lot with phone/tablet make. Nexus 7 2013 tablet gave this result, far better than my phone. Distance varies on each SV, too. One of mine was able to to keep MavLink connection up to 1.1km, but only to one direction, because antenna was held horizontally in arm. I am hoping this gives equal distance at any direction.


I just received a tablet holder for a tripod and was planning to test it as you have successfully done. Thanks for the info. Great pic you captured of it in flight.