Hoverboard motors + bi-directional ESC not working properly

Hi all,
I have been trying to make a rover using two hoverboard motors connected to the pixhawk using reversible ESC. The ESCs are capable of 80A max 6S. configuration will be skidsteering.
the motors + ESC are working well when using arduino, I sweep from 1000ms to 2000ms, motors rotate and changes direction. but when using ardurover, the motors stutters, at some point they stop working and the esc can’t stop making noise.
I have tried all kind of pwm type, but nothing solved the problem, but I havn’t changed the frequency. I am not sure of the value I should put.
I do have the ODRIVE, but I don’t see a reason why the motors won’t work…
Anyone trying the same setup ?
Thank you all

Not sure what ESC you have but looks like a Calibration problem.

If you connect this ESC to Fc for example in plane mode and use the throttle output, does it the work?

You can first calibrate each ESC using Arduplane throttle and if they work fine then try the rover.

Thanks for your reply.
I tried calibrating them in arduino, but not using the plane/copter.
you right, I will give it a try and let you know outcome.
Thanks again.

Hi @Ali_UpUpnAway !

Have you any luke with those motors?