Hot shoe Photo feedback to GCS (visually)

Good day all, I would like to tie the hotshoe feedback to the GCS (mission planner) so that I know when a photo was confrimed taken in flight.

The reason is that sometimes my camera stops taking photos in flight early and never starts again. This could happen for a bunch of reasons but lets not go there. I want to see visually on Mission Planner when the feeback from the hots shoe triggers.

This drone flies for over 40 minutes so losing photos early in the flight is very annoying.

What is the easiest way to do this? Is there a built in feature for this in MP?
I would also like to turn off the camera icons in MP where is shows that it “attempted to take a photo” because after the hot shoe is used for this icon I only will care about where a photo was actually taken.

So really if I could swap the little camera/photo icon on MP for an input that comes from an external source (3.3v or 5v logic) then that would be ideal.

Thanks for any help!

Ok so I found CAM_FEEDBACK_PIN that I can set to an Aux as an input…

Great! now is it 3.3v logig or 5v… will dig.

seems 3.3 will work from what I am reading…