Horrible flight times after switching from wookong

Any idea why this would happen? I have 2 Long range TBS discovery pros that. Have been getting 20-22 min flight time on a single 6s 4000mah battery. One has tbs 400kv motors and the other has t-motor 370kv motors. Both normally fly almost exactly the same in regards to performance and flight times. Those flight times were on a DJI wookong and after we installed CUAV Pixhack with APM 3.x (not sure exactly but I guess latest or close to it) flight times dropped to 10-12 minutes. No equipment changes other than FC. On wookong I think we were pulling on average 16-18 amps in forward flight and now, looking at flight logs it shows a “mean” of 22-23v. Originally we had LVC for FS set at 21.0v because that’s what we used with dji… That apparently was too low because we had one crash because of voltage. We bumped it up to 21.6 to be safe and RTL for LVC works fine now. Copter flies beautifully but flight time sucks now. According to CUAV manual we setup current sensor as “pixhawk”. Any ideas? Thanks in advance!

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Posting a data flash log of the flight would help.

Can’t seem to upload the flight logs, says wrong file format. How should I do it?

Have you calibrated and verified the current sensor?

You should be able to now, but it’s good practice compress them as a zip,