Horizontal Bicopter Plane (XAG Polar V40)

hi, is a system like this possible? yes it’a bicopter but i want to mix it with plane. The front servos do balance and orientation, but when switched to airplane mode, is it possible for the front two servos to switch to horizontal mode, such as the vtol tricopter?

You mean like this??

yes if it has only two motors

Yeah, It’s pssible to build a airplane like this, take a look at V-22 Osprey, This is exactly what you want, but as I know This kind of airplane is very hard to control

Yeah i know and what I want to do is this plane Bell-V22. But the bicopter is an arducopter product. but I need a bicopter to run in arduplane like a quadplane. There is not even a developer to mix helicopter software with aircraft software. [Paid] Mixing frames for tiltrotor