Horizon in HUD of MP rolls in opposite direction in Win 7 versus Win10

I move my MP (V1.3.74) from Win 7 to Win 10, the horizon moves in opposite direction. This happens in all my quad, planes.

When using Win 7, the horizon rolls (left-right) in the SAME direction as the vehicle. I have been wondering this since I discovered this probably over a year ago, and I knew this is not correct.

Today, when I install MP in another laptop running Win 10, the horizon rolls in OPPOSITE direction as the vehicle.

Pitching of horizon follows the vehicle without problem.

Could anyone share your thought ? Thank you.

Have you got Russian HUD selected ?
Right-click in the HUD screen to see the settings

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Bingo. I got it right after clicking on Russian Hud.

But there is no indication on whether you select a particular param or not.

Anyway, thanks.