Homemade VTOL Bicopter in progress, need help

Hi guys, I need help with this setup. I came up with a simple design, whipped up some 3D printed parts, got stuff stuffed into a small package and started with some test flights in the garage.

Im new to this discuss forum and I am trying to figure out how to share my parameters file so that someone can help.

Taranis X9D+ running EdgeTX
TBS Crossfire Micro Tx
Matek F405 WSE board, Matek GPS
2207 motors/30A ESC (just stuff I had around)
4S lipo 1800mah

Problems to solve:
I dont feel like my motors are reaching full power despite radio cal and getting to full throttle.
Hesitation in the tilt motors when transition from Qstabilize to FWBA/forward flight.
Servo endpoints seem wonky to me as well.

At least everything arms, spins up, stabilizes (with lots of shuttering, likely needs more ā€œDā€ in the PIDs).

Any input would be greatly appreciated.


What type of ESC do you have, maybe you need to do an ESC calibration.

I thought about this.

BLHeli 30A opto ESCs.

In the blhei32 software config check the full throttle pwm value, then check the max pwm output in the servo tap in MP.

Awesome. Thanks. I will