Home location could not update

Hello i have 2 problems

  1. I have 14 sats and hdop 0.6 at my pixhawk and firmware 3.3,3 and mission planner shows this message
    Home location could not update

I cant see how much far away is ny copter from home in mission planner

The rtl works as it should

  1. My tellemetry unit could not show how much Rssi have between them ,they show nothing connect between them for rssi but i have the altitude value, the battery volts working as they should

Can anybody help me??

do you arm the quad? mission planner trys to get the home location on arm.

Thank you for your time michael

Of course i arm the quad , and I fly it but the home location could not update,

I have 0.6 hdop and the rtl works great when i try it, but the home location could not update

is you signal good inside mission planner?

When you say signal you mean the tellemetry signal?

If you mean the tellemetry signal i havent check the numbers but all the other data works good , the voltage , the altitude , the horizon ,the rssi of my controler

Well i think i solve my problem

I had the TELEMETRY_DELAY AT 10 from 0 that was stock and everything worked ok

For no reason it go back to 0

I change back to 10 and everything works as it should

Thank you

Michael_Oborne the problem come again

I solve it by changing my sdcard that i have inside pixhawk

I did some flights and everything work great

So if someone has a problem of not get home location update , or the tellemetry window keep running and never update values change your sd card with a new one