Holybro Telemetry V3 Baudrate (one byte form) and Buffer


i am doing an experiment with the Holybro Telemetry V3 module. I want to figure out the baudrate which can guarantee no package loss with airspeed 64000 bit/s.

I am not able to change the baudrate via the AT Commands. It’s set to 9600 at the moment, i did that via Mission Planner. But now I want to change it via AT Commands to 38400. I don’t understand this one byte form. 9600 is 9, 57600 is 57. Is there a list anywhere with a mapping?

Second question is if there’s a way to access the buffer of the module.

Greetings Johannes

baud 38400 is 38, source:
Serial and air rates ‘one byte form’
they just simplified it

What do you mean access to buffer? Find out its size?

Okay, thank you. No I meant reading out the messages which are in the buffer.

by GNU screen software

I meant if there’s an AT Command to access it

I think what is meant here is the internal buffer size of the modem. In the datasheet the size of the internal buffer is documented as 2048 Bytes.

I think the question is, if there is an AT command to query the actual size of the buffer (or the actual number of bytes in the buffer waiting for being send of the air).