Holybro Telemetry Radio V3 / Matek Wing F765 Flight Controller setup help

Hi! This is my first post in the forum, hope someone can help because I’m going crazy! lol

I am building the AR Sonic WIng 900mm (KIt); the hardware i’m using:

Matek Wing F765 Flight Controller (Ardupilot)
Holybro Telemetry Radio V3
TBS Crossfire nano rx (Jumper T16 / Crossfire micro module)
TBS Unify Pro32 HV VTX
BN 880 GPS Module
Runcam Phoenix 2 FPV camera

Iv’e wired everything up connecting the flight controller to the holybro telemetry (solid green light/ UART tx7 to tx7, rx7 to rx7) but it will not connect, when I start mission planner and press connect it throws up a heartbeats not received error. The telemetry module driver has installed on the PC and recognised, I have altered the figure to 560000 with the correct com port on mission planner. The mapping diagram does state uart 7 on the matek website. When I have NO telemetry module on and its connected via usb to mission planner the telemetry works fine with GPS etc on screen. I’ve also updated both units firmware via mission planner via the usb port…

Any help to get this working would be appreciated…


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Tx>Rx and Rx>Tx on Uarts.


Between poor eye sight and a power not data cable I’ve sorted it THANKS, thought i’d tested both combinations of the UARTS aswell with both cables but obviously not lol