Holybro Tekko32 not powering up

I’m facing a problem now with making the ESCs power up. They turn on and immediately turn off when I plug in the battery. There is no shortage in the power module. The power board is still providing power to the ESCs and other components that are plugged into it such as the Pixhawk FC. I’ve unsoldered the motor wires of one of the ESCs to see if the problem is from the motor. I got the same result.

Here are the parts I’m using for this build:

  1. ZD550 frame kit
  2. Holybro Pixhawk 6C
  3. Holybro PM07 Power Module
  4. Holybro M8N GPS
  5. Holybro Tekko32 5A ESCs
  6. Tarot Martin 4008 KV380 motors
  7. Radiomaster ELRS 8 channels receiver

I’m wondering if it’s a compatibility issue or if something needs to be fixed or replaced.

I think I’ve found the problem. I was connecting the motor signal cable to the power board’s motor IO. For unknown reasons, the FC couldn’t recognize the ESCs even though the cables were wired correctly. So instead, I used the PWM ports on both the PB and the FC and everything works fine so far.

This is to help anyone who might face the same problem in the future.