Holybro RM3100 compass CAN update --> bricked?

when I was connecting MissionPlanner (1.3.81) via USB to a CubeOrange (4.5.3) with a Holybro RM3100 compass (connected via “CAN 2”, working & calibrated), I received a message that there would be a new firmware for the compass and I should update.
I navigated to Setup → Optional Hardware → DroneCAN/UAVCAN. I clicked on MAVlink-CAN2, an my compass appeared on the list (HW version 4.64, SW version something with 1.5 or 1.6). Then I clicked on the Menu button and on “Update”, clicked “Yes” (search internet for update). A progress bar appeared with “fw.bin”, and the progress bar filled up. Then it closed and now my compass SW version is 1.0.0. The compass mode now is “MAINTENANCE” and health “OK”.
Additionally I get the messages “Compass not healthy” and “DroneCAN: Node 124 unhealthy”. Rebooted several times, tried the update several times, no change.
I guess it was not a wise decision to update the compass firmware. But is there anything I can do to make it work again…?

Let’s see if the holybro customer support can help here…