Holybro Pixhawk 4

Hey fellows, I’ve just been ad-targeted with the new FC and couldn’t find any pics or videos showing the innards.

I like the included GPS. Specs show uBlox M8N with external LNA, RGB led, arm switch/led combo and buzzer. Nice, comfortable placement for the arm switch but the RGB led is obscured once you take off. They could’ve built a prism case so it’s visible from the side, as well.

I dislike the included PDB/BEC. Starting with the current shunt. C’mon, it’s 2018, we have 32-bit ESC manufacturers that ditched the shunt for hall sensors (Airbot Wraith32 Metal V2) on their units, while Holybro does shunt for the whole bird. And it looks too big for some simple quads and too feeble for some hevyweight hexas and octos.

As for the main unit, I couldn’t find pictures of the innards, and if anyone ca help I’d be thankful. But ever since PixRacer employed connectors on the FC’s sides, I find them more convenient then the conservative top placement. Also, the pinouts are restrictive for a modern FC. I can;t actually tell if DSM and PPM RC inputs are so important in a state-of-the-art UAV controller, but everyone I know would be missing the inverted serial output for the FrSky telemetry right there, in the same connector with SBUS and RSSI. And if you want to go RTK GPS, the arming switch/led is only on that main-GPS connector and you’d have to do some heavy wire splicing.

Oops! This thread was about the Pixhawk. My response is about the PX4.

I purchased a Holybro PX4 2.4.6 “Pixhawk” & M8N GPS from GetFPV. It hooks up just like the original Pixhawk and is about the same size. I was very impressed with the flight controller and GPS, so much so that I ordered a second one.

The flight controller also includes the same safety switch as the original Pixhawk, if you were to get just the flight controller without the GPS with built in safety switch. No wire splicing needed.