Holybro M8P/F9P calibration error on Kakute F7 HDV via MissionPlanner

Dear all members,

I’m experiencing headaches calibrating an external Holybro M8P GPS/COMPASS on both Pixhawk4 and Kakute F7 HDV units, through MissionPlanner.

While calibration of internal compass (Pixhawk) succeeds and external HOLYBRO M8P GPS (via UART) and Compass (IST8310 via I2C) are instantly detected in MissionPlanner, the IST8310 calibration process conducted from MissionPlanner fails everytime (cycle restarts over and over).

. As suggested by Ardupilot, I modified the COMPASS_OFFS_MAX parameter to higher values (2000, 2500, 3000), in vain > Calibration failed
. Same with a Drotek Sirius F9P GNSS/Compass module (Onboard RM3100 compass) > Calibration failed
. I tried to connect a cheaper unit (Holybro M8N GPS/Compass) > Calibration succeeded, but M8N is not RTK. So, not usefull to me.

Has anybody experienced such a problems here, and maybe found a workaround?

Many thanks for your shared ideas.


wait for a GPS lock then do the calibration

Thanks Jude… clear, simple and efficient ! You’re right, I was not waiting for the GNSS fix confirmation before trying to calibrate the external M8P/F9P. After a few cycles (around 3-4) the calibration was successful. Great news. Marc

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