Holybro H-RTK F9P base station possible?


I got a H-RTK F9P Rover Lite and want to use it as base station.
Firmware is updated to 1.13 (not Oct 20 as said in the wiki because only Jun 20 is available.

It’s running fine on u-blox center, but in MP all I see is:

so there are only NMEA Messages seen but the H-RTK is supposed to send RTCM as well.

Any suggestion what I might check or is the magic in Oct 20 firmware?

I’d like to know if there is a H-RTK F9P running as base station out there?


Try to check F9P autoconfig or connect to u-center and make sure gps is sending out protocol you want on the port you use to connect it to MP.


so far I tried autoconfig in MP not sure if it works for F9P
what I see is:

Input data rate is always running
Messages seen: sometime there is NMEA, RTCM never

with u-blox center I see sattellites, 3D-Fix

Firmware is 1.13

where is it documented how to configure?

Autoconfig is not checked.

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right, in this screenshot it isn’t
but I tried also with autoconfig checked several times without a difference.

Do you have some information about the firmware? Holybro says June on their website but the wiki stated October.

I think you can grab any BASE config file for an F9P from any other brand and load to it. They are all the same chip. No need to wait for holybro to release anything. I doubt they will release a firmware since it is u-blox firmware loaded on board.
Just plug it in your pc and fire up U-Center and take a look at the configuration it is running.

it’s 1.13

anything else?

Firmware is ok. Take a look at the configuration and load a base file as needed.

where can I find a matching file?