Holybro Durandal H7 FC and RC TradHelicopter

Holybro’s latest STM32H743 processor flight control “Durandal”, with the matching Pixhawk4 GPS, installed on the ALZRC DevilFast 420 RC helicopter, using ArduPilot’s ChibiOS firmware, version 4.0rc2, the first flight, various flight mode performance Perfect, 6 minutes after the video starts with automatic mode with Jump do and automatic landing, automatic Disarmed



This setup looks great. I am new to Ardupilot and looking for recommendations on hardware for my Align Trex 550X.

I own a Bavarian Demon Axon which I wanted to use in the 550x but am now wondering if I can use the Durandel + Axon FBL together?

If so, what is the best way to connect the Durandel to the Axon?

Thank you!

You can fly the T-rex550 using PIX + FBL, which is the combination of Durandel + Bavarian demon Axon. The best solution should be sbus in and sbus out, first enter the FC, and enter the FBL aileronless gyroscope. I remember the community has dedicated discussion posts!

Thank you for the information. I’ll search though the posts.

Are you using Durandal or Durandal + FBL?

Which ground control software do you prefer for traditional helicopter? Mission Planner or Q Ground Control?

using Durandal

Mission Planner

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