Holybro Durandal FC Hexacopter ZD850 Crashed

On 5th Flight Holybro Durandal Hexacopter ZD850 Crashed.
Flying this build for the first time on loiter mode, and after flying for 2 to 3 minutes in GPS Loiter mode. When I move my transmitter Stick to extreme left to move the Hexa to the left then the Frame enter a movement like Pendulam.
Holybro Durandal Hexacopter ZD850 Crashed.

Can anybody tell what went wrong ???
Seems to be GPS gliltch.

But after that Crash I build another quad on this Durandal FC but still it cannot fly on Loiter mode as well


In the log I looked at I dont see any GPS issue.

The tuning is not good -> pitch and roll are not matching desired pitch and roll well enough.
Then with more stick movements, and the yaw issue shown below, the flight controller cant maintain stability.

There’s some motor mount twist happening, causing a physical yaw that the flight controller has to fight. This takes away from motor headroom for stability. Motors 1,3 and 6 (CW) are working hard to counteract motors 2,4 and 5 (CCW)

Read through the tuning guide
And then connect the FC to MissionPlanner and press Alt-A on the keyboard, step through the prop and battery info, accept everything it offers to change except INS_GYRO_FILTER. Leave this at 20.
Or download a copy of this spreadsheet and use that:

I would definitely set these:
And I would try these to see if the oscillations can be cured before moving on to Autotune:
And these:
Take off and observe for oscillations without much stick input at all. If there’s oscillation reduce all those values by 10% and try again. When the aircraft seems stable and is able to handle some stick inputs, then think about Autotune.

Thank you ! Shawn
I appreciate your effort and will likely check the said issue.