Holybro 6X IMU Temp Never Reached to target Temp

i have using the holybro 6X flight controller just while.
the manufacture data sheet says that all IMU are temperature controlled by heat resister.

as per the Ardupilot Paramters the Target temparature set to 45 degree here:
Screenshot 2023-08-29 145402

but i have been waited for more than 90 minutes to see whether it reach target temperature but it never reached and it was at just around 36 degree only and not at all gaining temperature.

this function are working normally on CUBE orange+ and CUAV flight controllers.

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Press_temp is from barometer. This particular one could be the non-heated one.

Look at this on status tab. Or find barometer which is heated.

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Thank you for pointing me at right parameters.

Hello @kalai1219, I was wondering if I could get your opinion on the Holybro Pixhawk 6X vs CUAV 6X vs Cube Orange+? I am shopping around for a FC and I am trying to choose between those three. So far, I’ve noticed that the Holybro and CUAV versions are very similar and they both have more physical ports to offer. However, the Orange+ has more computational power with that dual core processor, which is pretty appealing. I am not sure if any of those FCs have a better reputation than the others or if it just comes down to application?

My application is mostly in computer vision, so object object detection and classification. I will be pairing the FC with a RPi and an edge TPU for all that stuff. The drone itself is an X8 with two cameras connected to the RPi, one forward facing for inference and classification and the other pointed down, under the drone for precision landing. I also need to control a 7V 20KG servo.

I saw that you mentioned those names, so I wanted to ask for any insight you might be able to provide. In any case, I hope your 6X and others have been performing well, have a great one!