Holding direction mode

Hello Friends,
Is it possible to turn on ‘‘hold direction mode’’ with ardupilot rover firmware?
For example I control my boat manually and turn it to 260° degrees direction. I don’t touch any more the control joystick. The boat it self compensate turning resistance to stay in the same 260° direction until I change it with my remote.


Thank you Peter!
One more question - I have bow thrusters in the rear and front of my boat. It just additional two brushless motors which allows to swim sidewise. Is it possible to control thrusters with ardupilot? They could be used to move the boat to the side on the slow speed or when the boat is ‘‘standing’’ you can move the boat left or right. Also they could be use to hold direction(acro mode) when the throttle is off.

I think so,


Our motor diagrams seem to have gone missing from the wiki. ‘omni’ is the key term to look for.

Cool! I will try it out! First I need to finish my boat and then I will post my results.
Thank you very much!