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HOLD when no rtk GPS fix, and back to AUTO when it recovers

@Andrew_Tridgell and others,

I need my rover to HOLD when there is no rtk GPS fix (i.e. when GPS fix type is lower than 5). Also, after such a hold, if the GPS fix recovers (i.e. changes back to 5 or 6) I’d like the rover to resume its mission, i.e. go back to AUTO mode. The basic logic I need is:

  1. If in AUTO, and GPS fix changes from (5 or 6) to (value <5), change mode to HOLD and DO_SET_SERVO #5 to 900
  2. If in HOLD because of the above rule (i.e. and not because of some other reason), and GPS fix changes from (value <5) to (5 or 6), then DO_SET_SERVO #5 to 2000 and change mode to AUTO

I looked and didn’t see any internal support for this within the Failsafe mechanisms inside Ardurover… Right? Given that, what if any difference do you see between implementing this as a LUA script and building logic on my companion computer?

Thank you

Hi Cristopher
It would be very a very interesting improvement this failsafe for rovers . It would ensure a secure path over time in restricted areas. there was an issue raised about this time ago but for some reason was never implemented in rover upgrades.
Let me know if you succeed in a sript. I tried it in dronekit time ago but had some difficulties. I don’t remember very well but i think there was no way to ask for rtk status (5 or 6) in dronekit

Jose Luis, I implemented this failsafe in my companion computer… It’s running mavproxy and as such knows the GPS status. So I have solved this another way, and moved on. -Chris

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