HobbyWing XRotor Pro ESCs DEO?


I have a question regarding DEO (Driving Efficiency Optimization)… The Manual says:
It is a technology that significantly improves throttle linearity and driving efficiency. The ESC will automatically brake and quickly reduce the motor speed when decreasing the throttle amount. This can remarkably improve the movement of the multi-rotors and the stability of its flight direction. Moreover, this also improves the driving efficiency of the ESC and reduces its operating temperature.

We have a bunch of 40A HobbyWing XRotor Pro-ESCs we are going to use in a 7 kg hexacopter (15 kg max depending on load).

DEO sounds good. But when I read the part that it automatically brake… is it perfectly suiteable for small FPV-racing quads? Is it at all clever to use this DEO on our big rig? Have anyone of you tested this or know what to do? On or Off?


I am currently working on a Hexacopter build with the 50A version of this ESC, and am wondering the same thing.
The active braking should make the craft considerably more responsive.
Have you found out anything new on that?

It’s pretty much a golden rule that you should never use active braking if you have low kV motors and large props - you’re almost guaranteed to desync.

Having said that, the Hobbywing XRotor 40a (not the Pro) are well known as being the ESCs most immune to desyncs. Theoretically active braking would be fantastic on larger craft, but it’s caused desyncs and crashes for many people in the past. If you have some success, please do report back here :slight_smile:

Low KV. Where is the limit? =) I have Tiger Motor MN4014 400KV-motors.
Large props. Where is the limit? I have light 15" Tiger Motor Carbon propellers.
You are saying that HobbyWing XRotor 40A are well known as being the ESCs most immune to desyncs… and the Pro’s are not being known as immune to desyncs?
What differs the Pro from the Standard?

But you mean that I should disable the DEO for my setup?

Or should I throw also these new ESCs, as I did with the new MayTech 45A-ESCs a while ago? :thinking:

I have 580kv motors with 15" props and I was getting desyncs with active braking (DEO), so you’re definitely in crash territory!
I don’t know the differences between the pro and the standard but they’re both listed for 650 size class copters:

Perhaps the pro is a newer model and they’re confident with DEO? Only one way to find out :slight_smile: You could try asking them as well, I’ve always found them to be quite honest if one of their products is suitable for what you want.

We deactivated DEO. =)
I do NOT like when ESC-manufacturers are using the dumbest possible way to get ESC programmed.
You can not check what the settings are, you can only set them.
So… we set all six ESCs to not use DEO. But how do we know that it worked on all? No idea.
It should really be like this:
Beep X times for the settign and THEN beep the actual value, then pull down stick to change or something.
1 long beep = Brake … short pause … 1 beep = brake ON, 2 beeps = brake OFF … long pause (change value here with stick) … 2 long beeps = Timing … short pause … 1 beep = low timing, 2 beeps = medium timing, and so on…

I have emailed HobbyWing a while ago. As usual nowadays few people answers on email. Whats the point to have an email-adress for support…

We do not want to try for the fun of it since it is a quite expensive rig. But we have to fly I guess and see. Hold it above the head I suppose and run it.

I have 680 KV Hacker motors, with 13" props (5-6kg MTOM). Once the build is ready to fly, I intend to use DEO. Will let you know if this was a bad idea - I hope not :wink:

camti, have you tested the setup with DEO?
How will you test it?

Hi MickeM,
nothing new to report yet; all of the hardware has been ready to go - with DEO activated.
I would have been able to fly by now (with DEO active), would it not be for a nasty issue with compass calibration/ configuration that I simply cannot get a handle on: https://discuss.ardupilot.org/t/3-compasses-installed-problems-starting-compass-calibration-enumeration-missing-docs-help-please

If you know how to solve this, pls feel free to pitch in :wink:

Sweet, with the DEO… but regarding your compass-problem, I did write something in that thread to you. If it helps, I do not know. I always have trouble with the compasses. When it works, I think “I got it, finally, I understand”. And with the next copter, new problems with the compass calibration…

oh - that’s good to know that I am not the only one with this compass calibration mess…

Any luck on the “DEO activated”-testing on the HobbyWing ESCs?
I have 8 new exactly the same ESCs to be used in a Octacopter soon.
Guess I just deactivate them, it worked fine on the hexacopter.

Hi MickeM, i also recently purchsed the pro version 50A, my motor is mn4014 400kv tarot 960 16" prop. I had just installed and never had chance to fly it yet. Then i saw this thread, made me a bit worried now to activate the DEO, so how was your setup with the DEO up until now, any updates that you can share?

I am still using DEO=Off on the octacopter (and the hexacopter). Havent had the time to test any more. And dont want it to fail either. :slight_smile: Not my equipment, too expensive and takes too much time to repair if something happens.

I’m a little late to this party - but thought this was relevant…

I had pretty dramatic crash this summer which I believe was caused by DEO. Tarot X4 quad with KDE 4014XF-380 motors and HobbyWing 40a XRotor Pros. Flying along nicely, banked right and promptly spun a prop on the front left arm. I had used threaded quick release prop adapters, and it occurs to me that the breaking from the ESC on the front left motor caused enough counter-torque to send the prop into outer space. At a 70 foot drop through heavy canopy - not pretty :frowning:

I had flown this aircraft many, many times up to this point and never had any problems.

Hello, i have same ESC’s xrotor pro 40a i intend to do some bench testing with braking on and will let you know.

Meanwhile I want to disable braking for the drone. Can you tell me where to find how to disable it? In the manuals i have found there is no info about braking