HobbyWing ESC Reverse

Hello all,
Looking for some information on this since the last post I found was from 2018 and not sure if there added this feature yet. I have a hobbywing 40A ESC with option to program reverse using a separate channel. Simply put, throw a switch and the motor will go into reverse. However, there doesnt seem to be a separate servo output on ardu to be able to do this? Here is the link from 2018 that shows what I am talking about. Has this been added yet?


Which Hobbywing ESC is this? I’m not familiar with this feature. But simple enough to do if it just requires a high PWM signal using any servo output that has a switch assigned to it.

I use a Reverse switch with my Rover but it’s done differently.

I see. You are talking about the Reverse Brake function for use with Planes. In any case easy enough to do with a assigned RC channel and a servo output.

Yes you are correct I am going to be using a plane esc (I just happen to have this around as I usually build planes… This is my first rover/boat build!)

So to set up, I know to just basically do a passthrough to a switch to get high PWM, however since I’m more building for autonomous purposes, in auto or loiter mode, the boat wouldn’t know to switch that servo output to high for reverse right? Is there a way to set it up so that the boat will know to do that for reverse?


There is in an Auto Mission using the DO_SET_SERVO command but it’s pre-programmed. Do you mean forward/reverse to Loiter at a position?

See this thread, perhaps it’s working.

That’s exactly what I am trying to do! Especially for loiter where reverse could be useful. Normally with the typical 1000ms-1500ms = reverse, ardu knows that it can use reverse to back up into position correct? But with this esc where a seperate channel is required to put the boat into reverse, how would I set the servo output so that it would know to do so? (Hopefully that made sense… Lemme know if I am making no sense in this post lol!)


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Hey Gary-I don’t have a boat (land rovers) but I think if you have your ESC set for Forward\Reverse mode (not Brake Reverse Mode) if may work as you want. 1500-1000us Reverse, 1500-2000 forward.

Hi Dave,
Unfortunately, this being a plane esc it is not an option. There is only Forward/Brake. The only way to get this to reverse is by using the switch. There is one mode similar to what you mentioned, however it only brakes not reverse.