Hobbywing 50A ESC does not enter calibration mode

Hellο everybody,

I have a problem with my Matek405 Wing, I can t enter esc calibration. I tried with two different Hobbywing Skywalker 50A esc’s, they both do the same: just keep beeping oblivious to the throttle position.

I use the latest version of Ardupilot, I can see in Mission Planner the throttle servo channel working properly when I arm. All other servo channels work fine and I do get servo motions normally.

I have tried to reduce/increase the throttle servo channel min/max, still nothing. I tried arming while having GPS fix and no active error messages and arming through MP, still nothing. The esc starts beeping at a steady tone when I power it on with max throttle and armed
2manual mode, when I cut the throttle it just continues beeping. When I reboot everything, it starts beeping again even with throttle 0.

According to the ESC manual this beeping pattern suggests an irregular throttle signal. However, while reviewing the throttle channel and RC throttle bar, the signal has zero flickering.

I have set BRD_SAFETYOPTION=0 in case a safety switch did the trick, nothing.

It s the third night trying to solve this issue and it s getting a little frustrating. It s my first arduplane so be gentle with me! Any ideas please?

Check that RC PWM range out from your transmitter for every channel is equal to the servo output range in the mission planner. if not change values in MP to be around 1000-2000 range with mid point near 1500. This mismatch leads to the beeping issue.

Also are you able to arm the throttle and does motor spins while doing that?

Hello, thank you for your reply. I have done this, also put trim same to lower PWM value in throttle channel. I think I may have wired my esc wrongly. I have connected + and - wires to the esc + and - pads of the FC. What about the UBEC wire? Does this need to be connected to S1 and GND of the FC? I am wondering how the esc gets its signal from the FC…

When I arm the throttle the motor does not spin at all

Connecting ESC signal and GND to FC S1 and GND solved the problem, thank you

Hello. I have a hobby winged eagle 20A esc and I can’t calibrate it. i connect esc to pixhawk cube. Could you help?