Hobbywing 1060 brushed ESC won't with calibrate FC, but works direct from receiver?

I’m using a omnibus nano v6 with a hobbywing 1060 ESC on a toy crawler. The ESC works fine if I plug it straight into the PWM out of my RX.

When I connect it to servo out 3 it will not calibrate when turned on. According to the manual it needs to see a neutral throttle, which according to MP it’s sending 1500 out on the throttle channel. If the ESC doesn’t calibrate it won’t work at all.

Something I noticed is in the boot messages it says RCOut: Brush:1-2 PWM:3-4
Does that mean I should be running the motor on servo out 2?

Those ESC’s take standard PWM. Set the MOT_PWM_TYPE to 0. You can run the throttle on any channel you want.

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Ok, it works now but I only get forward in manual mode, and it goes in reverse, in circles in auto mode.

I reversed the motor servo and it drives forwards in auto mode now. The main thing I’m confused about is the PWM out from the throttle channel. I have full range in the RC calibration window. In the servo window it only goes from 1500 to 1900 or so on the throttle channel. I can get forward and reverse now if I power on the ESC with the throttle at neutral, but reverse is really slow, and forward should be faster.

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What mode is that ESC set for?

Forward and reverse, which is no jumper.

The main thing is this ESC calibrates every time you switch it on. In the manual it says to keep your throttle neutral. If I power up the ESC at neutral I get forward and very slow reverse. I know it has a much higher forward and reverse speed from when I tested the ESC directly off the RX PWM outs. If I turn on the ESC with the throttle at the bottom, it will give me higher top speed forward, but no reverse.

I set my throttle up different than most with a reverse switch on the transmitter (neutral at throttle stick low) but let’s take a look at your parameter file.

crawler.param (14.2 KB)

I wondered if you could put reverse on a switch. Do you do that on the FC or on the radio?

I’ll take a look at the parameter file later, I want to compare it to one of mine.

Yes, I mixed the reverse switch in the Transmitter. I didn’t like stick neutral on my radio (Taranis/Radiomaster). Perhaps if it had a center throttle spring it would be OK. And it’s actually functional, kind of like how a real car is driven. And, I’m not it in reverse that often and you get full stick resolution either direction.

You might want to try it with the brake off (ATC_BRAKE)
Looks like you need to do all the tuning.
I would enable crash check. If it hit’s something and keeps churning away you may break something. My Spur gear fails. I have replaced it 3 times but it acts as a good “mechanical fuse” and it’s cheap. Others thought they were upgrading by replacing the plastic gear with a metal one only to have the gearbox fail next :smirk: