Hobbyking Super-H 600 quad

Hi guys.

I am waiting for my new quad to be delivered but am unsure which firmware to install.

hobbyking.co.uk/hobbyking/st … KIT.html

I did a search but cannot find the correct answer.

It is not an ‘H’. According to the pictorial references an H copter has parallel arms either front to back or side to side.

It also does not look like a normal X copter as the arm angles do not bisect at the central point.

Does anyone else fly this quad? If so what configuration did you use?

Thank you.


Got it sorted.

Tried in ‘X’ mode and it seems to be working fine.

Only flown for about 2 minutes so far but it lifted off nice and level and the ALT HOLD mode works well.

So, if anyone else buys this great quad use the ‘X’ not the ‘H’

Best regards.