HMC5883L Left-handed Coordinate System

I was wondering if anybody had any issues with the HMC5883L not working with any of the orientations provided (due to it reporting left-handed results). I’m not sure if this is an issue at all with the HMC5883L or if it’s just the chips I got.

I’m trying out the HMC5883L on my autopilot and I have been unable to calibrate it. Trying different orientations results in either one axis flipped or all three axes flipped. This is a similar issue almost a year to the date from my last mag issue with a left-handed coordinate system MMC3416 One Axis Reversed (I fixed that with a driver change in a local ardupilot branch).

In the data plot below, I had the mag orientation set to ‘Yaw270’. The aircraft started out pointed north and was spun nose-right.

X is backwards
Y is backwards
Z is backwards (not shown, flipping the aircraft inverted made MagZ increase)

This tells me either 1 or 3 axes are flipped negative, or maybe 2 registers are being read in the wrong order (e.g. x and y are swapped). Regardless, I am getting left-handed results and I am not sure why. I wanted to post here in case anybody else experiences this.