HMC5883 and the HMC5983 is out of production now

Now the two compass sensors that most gps+compass module companies stand on the HMC5883 and the HMC5983 is gonna be out of stock soon and now out of production from what i heard
what is the alternatives ?? what is the alternative that pixhawk developers gonna support now ?
is it the QMC5883 ?
if yes when it will be supported in the arduplane firmware ?

just take a look ,there are enough alternatives, and easy to any newer/better device.

yes i saw them but is all of them are really now compatible without any problems ? and what do you think is going to be the best choice of them ?

Pixhawk2 uses LSM303D, so that should be a good choice.

but LSM303D is the same compass that is already in the normal older pixhawks

…I guess it’s still a good choice :slight_smile: