HM30 binding to air unit from far distances

Hello Guys,

Can the HM30 bind to the air unit in case both are powered and they are very far apart, say 3 KM for example?


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Don’t think so. They are not connected to each other yet so no way to bind them remotely. I guess the binding process is on WIFI or BT not over the radio link

Hello Champ,

Thanks for your reply.
Are you sure because they have the HM30 repeater version that binds remotely to the best of my knowledge?

Can SIYI team please answer

Is there any ability for your reply @SIYI FRANK

Please always bind the ground unit with the air unit in short distance (face-to-face).

Can I bind multiple air units to the same HM30 ground unit module?

In turns, yes

Hello Frank, Yes I think you have the best system in market.

I still have one issue.

When I power the air and ground unit and they are far away from each other there will be no connection.
Although they were previously binded when the units were close.

Is there any reason for this?