HM-TRP 433Mhz SiK radios

I have a small confusion.
Wiki page mentions:

/// If you are making your own adapter board for the HM-TRP, note that
/// whilst the stock firmware requires the ENABLE pin be tied low,
/// it is a flow control input to the SiK radio firmware.
/// Also, the CONFIG pin is a flow control output, and a series resistor
/// of at least 33 ohms must be placed in series with it to avoid damage
/// to the Si1000 when it is jumpered low to force bootloader entry.

I have a 3DR module and I checked, enable pin is not grounded.
Not sure if I should connect it to gnd.

Hi @ZeusEx,

No, you should not connect the “config” pin to ground. It’s only (temporarily) needed if you want it to force the module in boot loader mode. One possible reason is a bad firmware flash.

Yes sure config is for bootloader mode.
I was confused about enable pin.

For me it sounds like: The enable pin can be used for (hardware) flow control. I have not done hardware flow control for years. May be back in the APM 8bit days The software flow control (via the tx buffer) is good enough for my needs.

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So you didn’t connect enable to gnd?
I thought so too since my 3dr module also doesn’t have enable connected to gnd.
HM-TRP manual says that connecting it to low, keeps it working normally and setting it to high puts it in sleep mode.

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If I remember correctly this was the case of the genuine “HM-TRP” firmware. With the Sik-firmware we have something way better/more useful for our purposes. :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you for your help and suggestions

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