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HKPilot32 not listed under HW

I can not find this listed under HW for Ardupilot Plane. I flashed with version 4.05 and it seems ok. Can somebody confirm that this can be used for Plane.

The HKpilot32 is a pixhawk clone that’s probably a lot better quality than the current proliferation of “pixhawk 2.4.8” clones. It’s a bit of shame we can’t get them anymore.

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I have one of those and it has 1Mb flash. So with current Stable I have to use the Pixhawk1-1M firmware. If I flash another version for Pixhawk (Pixhawk1, fmuv3) it will produce errors and randomly disconnect from USB.

The HKPilot32 was one of the 1st Clones of the 2.4.6 Reference design. I don’t know how many vehicles I have put the one I have in and it’s still kicking. It has to run “Minimize Features” now though.

This is the original Holybro Pix32 “Pixhawk”. The current version now has 2MB flash. You can get it from Getfpv or Banggood.

All Pixhawk variants have 2Mb flash now and have for a few years. Well, who knows about the RadioLink stuff it’s sketchy.

Hi Dave, I dont know how to check the 1 or 2Mb flash, but I hope my version have 2Mb. From MP it automatic selected PX4 fmvu2 if I remember correct. I bought this many years ago from HobbyKing. Is this FC ok to use for Plane?

Hi Jose Rene, This HKPilot32 FC is from HobbyKing, might be similar but its not from Holybro. :slight_smile:

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