HKPilot mega 2.5 with PixyCam. ( cmucam5)

Hi all,

My project involves the use of a cmucam5. ( Pixy Cam ) that utilises an Arduino library to control pitch/ yaw motion on a camera to follow a designated object.

HKPilot is arduino based so It should operate with other Arduino libraries yes ?
I simply want to load the camera’s arduino library to then control flight servos if the camera detects the object to be moving out of frame. So for example if the object begins to move up out of frame, the camera sends a message move the ‘up servo’ until the object is once again centrally framed in the camera.

I’m hoping someone can simply point me to a tutorial that will help me better understand coding Arduino libraries for flight.

yes you can do this
do you have an email
i don’t have time o visit this site

You can either use the API or MAVlink to control the vehicle from the camera input. Randy has a great post here … e=activity