HKpilot 2.7 refuses to arm


I built a Quad using this board a year and a half ago. Had it all set up using Mission Planner and firmware 3.2.1. It was working just fine with my Spektrum DX6i radio and my AR610 reciever this past fall. Now when the weather got a little warmer, I decided to bring it back out. I hadn’t touched it in a few months so I charged the battery. Flipped the switch to turn it on, and attempted to ARM the HK pilot. Unfortunately, it seems as though my board refuses to arm. I took the HKP out of the loop and hooked one of the motors directly to the reciever. It works. So, I’m assuming it’s not the radio… Especially after flashing the firmware and doing a radio calibration successfully.

Any suggestions to get my quad back in the air?

I have quite the same problems with my HKPilot32. After migration from the 3.2.1 version to the 3.3.3 version, problems disappeared for some time.
Unfortunately, recently after a so to say an athletic landing, during the new flight, it was a sudden roll change, the motors stopped and the CRASH. After, the calibration, the Quad refuses to ARMING.
It seams that there is some sort of memory.

check if pre arm check are on, check if fence enable, just disable this, try reseting your para and do a reflash, btw save your tuning gains

Thank you for the answer. I will try it for the next board version. Mean time HK accepted to receive back the HKPilot32. In my opinion the level of hardware implementation of the APM architecture is very low at the HK. Consequently, I would like to change the implementation for an other hardware implementation. Have an other one to advice me? The 3DR is quite expensive one.
Yours, Georges

chek out cuav, jdrones, holybro

Hi Mikel,
I already looked to cuav. It seame to not being still available. For jdrones it seams interesting. The price is a little high. I do not understand the performances of the NEO6 GPS sensor. Would tell me more about this one.
Yours, Georges

hi george, neo6 is a good gps, but if you want a real performance get an m8n, in my own experience 6 takes too long to lock gps sat. m8n is much faster, and you can open a gps/glonass feature, more sats

Hi Mikel,

Following your advis, I changed to a M8N GPS. In addition I changed to a PIXHAWK clone from HobbyGaGa. Unfortunately after one preliminary good test to connect to the board and to perform the initial calibrations the the board refuses to be connected. Do not know the signification of the buzzer song.