HIL Simulator

I cannot load the HIL version 3.0.1 to a pixhawk. The load attempt never gets started. The load of the flight version works perfectly. Message starts “failed to download new firmware:Saytem.UniFormatException:
Invalid URI: The URI is empty.” then lots more

I’m pretty sure HIL is not supported for the pixhawk yet. I think it’s a reasonable request for the next arduplane version, a lot of people want it (especially considering the talk that APM will not be able to keep up with the coming updates for long due to their hardware limitations).

HIL / HITL simulation with Pixhawk would be invaluable!


I was able to get HIL simulation up and running on a PixHawk using APM 2.74 and #define HIL_MODE HIL_MODE_SENSORS.

I don’t know if that helps you at all.


I am also trying to run a HITL simulation on the Pixhawk but I cannot upload any firmware on it. Please, see the attachment I’m sending, It is a print screen of the error I am getting. How did you managed to upload the firmware for HITL?


I received the massage shown in the attached capture when I tried to upload anyone of the plane models on HILS,

note that I have the latest Version of the Pixhawk and the mission planner (1.3.23

I want to know the suitable version of the frameware?
And why I received this error?

It is my understanding that there’s no separated HIL software anymore, now to be able to run a HIL simulation you need to turn the HIL_MODE=1 on the parameter list of the APM.

Go to full parameter list and search “HIL” As mentioned there is the HIL_MODE parameter that needs to be set to ‘1’. Also note that the GPS modes have a HIL=7 setting; I’m not sure if ‘AUTO’ will automatically set that, so you can set them manually as well and it seem to work fine (well, HIL doesn’t really work in my experience, but I’m going to do a separate post on that).