HIL simulation with Pixhawk controller

I don’t know if this project, HIL, (Hardware in the Loop) has any current information, so this is why I present this OPEN topic.

Due to the COVID-19 Virus I have been forced to fly my Quads indoors, to dangerous. I have been building and flying multi-rotor aircraft for the past 8 Years. I have been through all the published documentation for Flight controllers and simulators and would like to find a way to interface my Hardware for HIL simulation indoors. I have mastered the software in the loop and interfacing two monitors, one for the Mission Planner, one for the RealFlight Version 9, with great success. I have Xplane V10 and 11 also.

I want to take this flight simulation hobby to another level, I want to use my flying Hardware, without propellers, instead of the Software interfacing. This would allow me some entertainment to pass the time.

Any help or suggestions welcomed and needed/wanted for this project would be helpful. Like I said I have been through the manuals and documentation. I can’t find anything current that will allow me to work or to reference this subject of HIL, Hardware in the loop. I have a number of APM2.5 and 2.6 controllers and even a PIXhawk controller available for bench setups. I can supply any of the Hardware Information and Documentation if needed.


I am very interested in your project. I am currently trying to use Mission Planner to make a HITL application, but the information I have found so far is all about APM Planner. I would like to ask if there is any information about the implementation of HITL in Mission Planner?
*It is Mission Planner not APM Planner.