HIL Plane Firmware Issues


Im new here :mrgreen:

I have been playing with a PX4 FMU/IO 1.7 over the weekend, with a view to using it in a fixed wing UAS, and have got to grips with most of the basic user things. Ive been using Qgroundcontrol and Missionplanner, but most of Qgroundcontrols features/widgets dont seem to work (or Im not using it right! :blush: ) but I have had some success in getting it to work HIL with Xplane 10, It porpoises all over the place and it appears very drunk in its tracking to waypoints, at least in Xplane, but it does work.

Mission Planner seems like much nicer software to use at least offline, BUT, I cant get the HIL Plane firmware to load. Attached a screen shot of the error, both the Heli and Multirotor HIL firmwares seem to load fine, but cause general craziness in Xplane when trying to fly a fixed wing model.

Any ideas?

currently the hil firmwares are not available on the px4/pixhawk hardware. they are for apm2’s however.

you can compile it yourself however.


How would I do this? hahaha :laughing:

End game is a 4 elevon flying wing, so I should learn how to do it I guess. Ill have a google, thanks.