HIL not working in Release 3.3.0

There is no RC commands (even graph showing partial datas in sim in XPlane with this release, like for each 1st version of major release… Sorry to say that…
Since 2.73, it’s to often the same story.

Despite this fact, having HIL mode in parameter list is really good idea !!! better than loading new firmware each time i want to make some test or have fun in sim …

Thanks for all great work is done from dev…

ps: I’m using ORIGINAL APM board 2.5.2 from 3DR.

I find strange that nobody seems to have this issue…
Perhaps nobody use HIL with xplane or something is wrong with my setup… :open_mouth: :geek: :slight_smile:

Similar issue here. APM 2.5 board.

I set HIL_MODE to “1”, then GPS type to “7” (HIL), but nothing really works.

  1. RC input has huge lag and after ~10-45 sec of flying stop working (all channels just stuck)
  2. HIL_SERVO parameter makes no difference at all. Servo,connected to the servo rail moves at either “1” or “0” setting.
  3. Can’t calibrate radio. All bars remain gray. No matter if x-plane is connected or not. Although, as stated above - servo moves fine, but RC is not getting into APM.

Please advice? Is it possible to get 3.2.x HIL firmware? Mission Planner just says “404 not found” when I’m trying to flash HIL Plane

here is how servo output looks in MP 1.2.92

and here is same output in 1.3.3

Servo update speed in X-Plane also seems to be slow with latest MP, so it may be MP issue, not APM.

This might not be 100% related though, because HIL firmware in APM board is 3.2.3 in both cases. I’ll try with 3.3.0 and HIL_MODE=1 and post here shortly.

Hello guys, I’ve been struggling with the same for a while. When I turn HIL_MODE=1 on the APM and restart it I’m no longer able to get any input from the receiver, all the channels are dead, just stuck either on the trim value or in “zero”. I’m receiving good data from the XPlane, like GPS coordinates, heading, and general aircraft attitude, but I’m not able to send any control inputs to the simulator since my receiver seems to be not sending any data to the APM. The red LED on the APM is the only one on, the blue one does not seem to be blinking or turning on. I’m kind of stuck here and really need some advice. Did any of you get to make HIL work with Xplane?

Thank you very much in advance.

I try many time since this release and - after 45 sec like Arseni said, APM dead…need to reboot.

Why developper diddn’t try to resolve this issue ? I’m little sad about this…

I would like to try with arduplane 3.3 beta 4 but firmware upload failing. En error is detected.
I m using orginal APM 2.5.2 from 3DR.
SO don’t know if this beta resolve HIL problem.

I have been trying to do HIL with Xplane on btoh the 3.6 and 3.7 Plane firmware. I do so by setting HIL_MODE=1, but whenever I do that i get BAD AHRS and can’t arm. I keep trying to do accel and compass calibration but either doesn’t work or doesn’t help.

Have the same problem.
The weird thing is that on the simulation tab the coordinates are shown perfectly and you can fly on the simulator manually correctly. But there is no possibility to do an AUTO mission because the hub shows that there is no gps (when it actually is and is shown in simulation tab).

Please confirm this problem more, so that we can start rolling it.