Higher vibration levels in 3.5 rc3?

I release to beta 3.5 rc3 few days ago my pixracer and find that vibrations go higher, I try roll autotune in poshold (awesome) all go nice and fast but higher vibrations symphtoms continue there; I’m going to try to return to 3.4.4 and try again.
I share a log with 3.4.4 fw, one with 3.5 rc3, and 3.5rc3 roll autotune one.

I compare params but nothing looks strange there, I’m going to investigate more my hardware, perhaps I update and something go bad at the same time.
Time to enjoy new beta now :slight_smile:

I solved, a silly camera damping ball was broken and it’s not noticeable if I don’t move it :open_mouth: , I remove the camera mount, try with stable release and beta and vibes are similar now. FIUUUU!!!