Higher GPS update rate for higher flight speeds?

My Hardware: 4IN1 BlHeli_32 3-6S ESC, PixRacer Pro, 2200KV Motor , 5" 3 Blade Props, 5S 1300 mAh 95C LiPo and mRo Ublox M9N

Hey, Guys! As Some of you know I will try to achieve higher speeds like 40 or 36 m/s with my brand new PixRacer Pro. But I don’t think my GPS can catch up with my speed with 5Hz Update Rate. I’m planning to upgrade it to like 10 Hz. But as I have researched it, it is not a good idea because Here says that raising it above 5Hz could severely damage performance. What should I do ? Any advices ?

I saw that someone is having this problem rn but when I read that entry I could not figure everything out

Try 8Hz and see how that goes.

Appreciated. Will do. Other advices ??

What makes you think that the GPS update rate is a limitation for teh travel speed?

From another thread he’s talking about 40m/s on an Auto Mission. I think you will be disappointed trying to hit that goal. I have tried high mission speeds much lower than that and had stability problems. Surging, loss of altitude, EKF errors I would guess from positional errors. I did ask a couple times in previous posts if the GPS update rate was a factor here but didn’t receive an answer.

Sooo based on this user said I did some research and probably in PX4 Forums they say that it might be the issue

Maybee this PR will help: https://github.com/ArduPilot/ardupilot/pull/5060

So you say that GPS Can catch up and it is not a limitation for a Autonomous mission

Gave it another though and I think there are some racers doing 300Km/h with standard code. So the question now is: have you tuned your copter? What is the ANGLE_MAX?

I’m currently testing it on SITL by MissionPlanner and ANGLE_MAX is 45. By the way @dkemxr do you have any thoughts about this entry? I would love to hear them.