High wobbling suddenly appear

Flying my quad perfectly without any issues and next day this strange wobbling appear, no parameters change Frame checked nothing lose what may root cause

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@edfeeoc ,
a good idea would be to send the bin logfile of this flight.
All other is like reading a crystel ball.

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@edfeeoc We do not have crystal balls, we can not see, nor guess what is wrong.

So, you do have to post a .bin dataflash log like like everyone else :slight_smile:

And update to ArduCopter 4.4.3 or 4.4.4-beta1. The ArduCopter 4.0 version that you are using is very old.

Guys , Sorry for not attach log files , we appreciate your help but please do not be so aggressive in your reply , And how do you know that my ArduCopter is old, it’s ArduCopter 4.4.3 already .

You posted in the “Copter 4.0” section of the forum instead of the “Copter 4.4”.
In the future do not do that, unless you want to confuse us.

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Ok did not notice , sorry :pensive:
buy the way as aguide it was flying wonderful for last two months with same setting the only thing is that we made a load test one day before and we receive several alarm for error compass variance so we land it and next day the oscillation appear ( possible that ESC become faulty? )

Thanks guys no need to analyze , i figure it out it was a hardware issue find some strange short short circuit may be dirt of bad soldering quality

Looks like your capacitor is cracked. This one probably attached to the switch mode power supply (the 5V source e.g.). These caps may be subjected to thermal stress and cause trouble. Perhaps a good idea checking how many mA your setup is consuming or shortcuts in the 5V output (or whatever voltage BEC is this). Of course you need to substitute these 2 caps first.
My 2 cents.

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These are capacitors or SMD resistor ?

@edfeeoc, booth seems to be capacitors. You can look to the very similary circuit left of these parts on the picture before.

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Yeah they look like regular MLCC capacitors. Probably same values as nearby ones of that size. I would go for the highest possible µF values for this form factor. But still a guess as we don’t have shematics. Other possibility is measuring the nearby ones left. These are filter caps probably.

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