High video stream latency with android version

For the first time I could test QGC with a video stream (EZ-WifiBroadcast).

I first tried it with QGC Linux on a Linux PC with wifi connection to the base. The video latency was very ssmall (0.1 or 0.2 sec).
But with QGC Android, on a tablet with wifi connection to the base, the video had around 2 seconds latency !!

I didn’t have any latency with telemetry with both versions …

Is there a problem with video player in QGC Android ?

Then I did try with the windows version on a windows tablet (Acer One 10), and I should say that video was even worst than with android version !! It was not fluid and I did have many connection losts because of the weakness of wifi connection.
So I can now forget windows tablets …

Next step : try to install Linux on a windows x86 tablet and use an external dual band wifi adapter.