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High Speed Autonomous Boat Testing


(Chris Peart) #21

Randy, Peter,

This is so exciting!

I think the lateral acceleration would be a great way to tune the roll of the vessel for a given steering input.
And if we could manually set to seek 0.1g’s into or out of the turn that would also be really useful…

I think this has the benefit of allowing you to still turn very sharply and experience a ‘high g’ turn whilst maintaining control and directional stability. The roll control should mean that the g’s experienced are purely acting ‘vertically’ in the boat reference.

(Peter Hall) #22

Code is done,

Get building!, what flight controllers do people want it compiled for?

Disclaimer: Its untested so could all be backwards or not working in some other exciting way.

(Chris Peart) #23

Peter, thanks so much!
I’ll be able to get to this in a couple of weeks. Will keep you updated!
Can’t wait to try it