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High osclillations on landing with wind! PID tuning? Or underpowered motors?

Hello, I have another problem with my quadcopter, this time landing! It performs well in flight, but when it comes to landing, I’m not very satisfied with the result, especially in windy conditions! It oscillates back and forth like if I was pushing the pitch back and forth suddenly. It only happens when in GPS modes like loiter, RTL or Land!
I don’t have logs, but rather a video demonstrating the issue!

Also here are my pid settings:

What could it be? Maybe my PID is too high? Or PID too low?

Replace the video with a flight log. Although logs from the “old days” don’t contain nearly as much useable information.

As I mentioned above, I don’t have a log from that exact flight, sorry I will try to find it, if I do, I will post it here asap!

This is a flights with similar landing, so this might work for you!
2021-02-20 17-39-36.bin (799.5 KB)

As expected this craft is underpowered with one motor bouncing off of command max. No amount of tuning will put lipstick on this pig. If you are going to post more logs turn on more options. A bitmask value of 30686 would be good.

And another question, why do some of my logs (especially recent ones) look like this?

And if you look at the kmz in google earth there is a straight line like shown here:

Why is there an orange line going straight to a random spot roughly from my take off point? I waited for good GPS 3D Lock btw!

Any suggestions on this?

No. That craft has fundamental problems that should be addressed. I’m not sure why you are posting about this. My recommendations:
Rebuild so thrust/weight is inline with standard practice.
Replace the Flight Controller.

Signing off for tech support of APM Flight Controllers. Perhaps others will pick it up. Good luck.

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