High Level Python API for operations


I’m a researcher working on a handful of applications that would benefit from an easily-configurable Python API for controlling drones. I’m shopping for drones at the moment, but have tentatively settled on using an Ardupilot-based system to allow for later expansion into multi-agent applications using multiple kinds of craft.

What I am hoping to find is some API that has a high enough level interface to run fairly simple commands: setting coordinates for next movements, commanding relative motion, read a sensor output, process, and then decide on further action, etc.

It seems unlikely for there to be something as simple as “drone.go_left()” functionality, but I’m looking for a sweetspot between that and having to develop my own MAVLink parser. DroneKit seems to be largely deprecated. Is pymavlink the next best possibility?

Any recommendations on both applicable software and suitable hardware platforms would be greatly appreciated!

Yes pymavlink is the next best thing once you apply Pierre’s PR on top of it.