High efficiency motor

Dear friends please suggest some high efficiency motor with following requirements.

Thrust - 300-500 gm

Weight of motor - as less as possible, less than 35 g

Efficiency - more than 4 g/W

Rotor - not more than 7 inch

I cannot suggest you a specific model, but you can check out this electric motor range; they seem to have a fine selection you can choose from, not to mention the guides on choosing one, included in it.

Hope this helps!

Hello friends,
I understand that we cant choice efficient motor without considering data of wingspan, weight of model etc.

Two web helped me to choice most efficient motor for particular model.

  1. ecalc.ch This is very good web , just need to pay small fees for full features. Here we can test motor to get prior test results. So we can test many brands motor before purchase.

  2. http://rcplanes.000webhostapp.com/calc_motor.htm From this web we understand that, how propeller size , pitch, motors kv, voltage etc perform with particular size of wingspan and weight model airplane. There is no fee for this web.