Hi new user, Australia, looking to build on new hardware platform

Hi Guys ended up here as a result of looking for who was actually running with what would be the “VHS” to the “betamax” of programming of both rovers and quad drones, both of which I have product ideas for but needed to see who was building them outside of $2m to talk to companies, but who were the Steve Wozniak of the platform language and would be writing the scripts and routines of the coming “system” that would be used to drive hardware products.

Ive spent most of professional life as the interface between technology and users in many technical area’s and realising the future studied Robotics and Mechatronics and just now have completed a skim over the first time setup of a rover and will do the same with the Quadcopter.

I am waiting for software maturity and planning on the day of the human interface to these product types and so decided to be part and parcel of the development (dont look at me for money Im an invalid pensioner for 15 years now with neural spinal muscular issues so Im poor but got time to plan things) especially as I want to use them so I want to rush through their development.

So although this seems to be the issues area, I couldnt find what would be a member introduction area and it seems here is where people are working on their individual program routines and products so most suited saying G’day. Also having spoken to the owner of the current Pixhawk manufacturing in Australia I am here to find out who has a mature system or subroutine in doing what .

I would like to built a rover from scratch to test a market idea and even step that up to a bigger platform, so look at the possibility of someone being the architect of what parts of the platform of hardware and software would be applicable in new products I have in mind.

I havent really found an area where people are talking about that yet, but looking forward to actually seeing some product coming out of the work you are doing and choosing what I need to work on my products if I dont omplete the piece of work myself.

If this introduction is in the wrong spot mods please help me out with where it should be. Thanks


Where in Australia are you located?

I’m in central coast Queensland.

Gday Mike Im in Melbourne but the possibility in the next few Months is I will move to Cairns as my house is on the Market to do just that. Im sick of the same old ambulatory devices, I 49 I need assistance to get around I dont need my device to be shaped like one used in the first world war and prior.

I have recognised for a long time that people would be taking to the air and in fact if we want to get rid of expanding our roadways we re going to have to eventually replace every kind of vehicle with a flying equivalent and they will be for say commuting distance (Say Europe was a target market everything is commuting distance) or within a city.

The trouble with cities getting airways in management so first system I believe with be extremely limited and may just be transportation of goods and people Bu freeways especially between cities will be a good test of many vehicle types.

During the time of the birth of airways there has to be automated vehicles (rovers if you will) and I have three main concepts to work on across market sectors.

First maybe the development of what Gizmag at the time coined a convergence vehicle at the time

People have drawn these things for years and years and nobody has ever made a success of them. Well the trike market in the US just to make the change to the number of wheels and no other changes is $1.6Bill, 60% are new or returning riders out of their 401k so they are open to seeing what the market is, Can Am sell out annually at about 30% of the market. I have a mechanical system for a leaning trike, I have an idea for a subsystem to hold the bike up so people dont have to support it if they are old or infirm like me. Yet it most carefully duplicates the unbound experience on motorcycling. Then there are vehicle after vehicle in the template to convergence vehicles because every person is different and needs are different.

So I have a lot of design idea’s and I am doing some design and trying to do some other design to start and fund raise to keep these design in the one house.

But I am open to anyone who progresses the company faster through design or finance.

Where do you find yourself positioned and what are you working on? Whats your vision for the near future?



Hi Gavin,

I am an integrator/builder/consultant working with drones and some robotics.

As the use of drones is exploding I am positioned to do the ‘fixing’ as a service centre.
Custom builds are needed in a lot of cases where the off the shelf solution is limited or ridiculously expensive.
And a lot of business people just want to know how to integrate with their business.

Good luck with your venture.


Yes so I have several products that Im looking to use what I think will become the default building system for say robotics less that say Volvo, BMW Fanuc are all going to have their proprietry operating systems and I am hoping what we have at the next tep down and will be promoting as much as possible is the use of a single robotic controller in this case a Drone (dynamic moving) robots as opposed to Control systems (fixed place) robotic systems.

I have had plans in my head without solutions that are plug and play and I have to tell you my pet peave in being just a menial user of PCs but having known enough to build 2 from scratch and rebuild the software all the time that fixing this stuff is a pain enough in the ass to make me want to have the standard build and image captured by whatever company (which helps you out) then the manual settings by the user (also helps you out) captured in a file folder then someone like ou replacing the broken parts of Control and drone systems and restore its service.

Thats the standard I would push for in the development of something like the standards of configuration of a robotic device. I hope you to the opportunity to build to a standard and repair to a standard and I’d suppor you in the formation of such a standard in the market place so that your job can be made even just possible let alone easier.

If you do find those coders etc build something like the inverted pendulum robot I am looking at crating one for people to ride who’se capability is a bit above a chair so like amputees etc lots of them in the US atm, a motorcycle and eventually a type of quadcopter, as I see for quadcopters they will eventually be seen to replace every vehicle of its ground going type and those that cant have been made before like just aerobatic stunt vehicles to replace say ground going stunt vehicles. The people size ones have rolled out bi monthly so far this year, soon to be monthly and faster and faster.

Good luck in your set-up let me know if I can help support that common platform/standards that people have to set=up to so that you can do your work successfully in years to come.