Hi Guys, Need Help Please

This is my first Post here But I have red and red for couple of days and I have to say I really have respect for people on this Forrum. Generally people are very helpfull towords each other.(sry my bad English)

I have a Apm 2.6 with the PM. My Radio is a Futaba T7CHP Most of Items on my Bord is from Hobbyking .

1- Motors are Turnigy- Multistar 4112-320. Its not exacly this one, but very Close to this

hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/__ … ector.html

2- Esc’s are 65 Amp.

hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/__ … s_ESC.html

I did every enetial settings for the arducopter board and when I went out to try it, It wouldnt get off the ground even at max power!!?

Is it because I am runing 3s lipo!!?
I tried to reprogram the timing on the esc’s for High, Timing, not so much help there!!?

What Is it I am doing wrong or maybe I am not doing?

 I apprishiate any help very much.

         Thank you

Please provide tlogs and/or dataflash logs to help troubleshoot your issue.

Sry The Motor I posted was the wrong one. This is the motor

hobbyking.com/hobbyking/stor … Leads.html

I do hope this helps!!! Some how I dont have anything from the day. the dates are all from yesterday.

I would check the props to make sure they are in the correct locations and orientation. I had my props on upside-down at the start and it did manage to get off the ground, but the batteries were being drained in about 4 minutes.


[quote=“wmedernach”]I would check the props to make sure they are in the correct locations and orientation. I had my props on upside-down at the start and it did manage to get off the ground, but the batteries were being drained in about 4 minutes.

Thank you for ansering me :slight_smile:. No the Props are all 11. (something) so they are big enough and they are Carbon fiber.
The Correction of the motors are all ok!! and the props seems ok too. The motors havent got enough juse.

Something else I forgot to write. When I did all the enetialising and Calibrations, and went out to try it, when I had it in my hands i gave it a try and no matter which way I turned my hand the motors worked as nothing has happened!!!
It didnt try to adjust its self!!!?
anyway. I will go throu Calibrations to night and hope for it helps.

But do you think a motor with this low KV could lift the quad!!? It is specially made for quads as it says in hobbyking site, but Again I havent been so Lucky with Hobbyking!!!

I tried the Terminal and on mine when I connect it under the Terminal it starts promping alot of “” hokus Mokus"" and I can not get it to stop!!!
I am shore it has something to do with my Problems, because I have seen others use it and they can see their info. there and even give different commands, but mine there is something wrong with it :frowning:

Hey Flypost,

I had a very similar situation with my DJI 450. I was using the 10" props, I changed to the smaller 8" and everything was fine. I too was running a 3s Lipo, my guess is that if I used a bigger battery I could use the bigger props.

Hope this helps.


a 320kv motor is going to need a much bigger prop than 10", probably nearer 17".
I’ve used 880kv and 1000kv motor with 10" props on 3s and 4s with excellent results, even on a 2kg Discovery.

Terminal will show gibberish if you are using an APM and arducopter 3.2 as terminal was removed from the apm code, it’s been well documented.

Normally you reduce the prop size if you increase the lipo cell count as the extra voltage produces a higher current pull.

3s battery with 320kv motors sounds too small. 6s with those motors with 12-14" props I would think would be better suited. All depends on your frame and overall weight to establish if the thrust would be sufficient from any collection of components. 320kv means 320rpm per volt of your battery, and at 3s you are talking a max of 12.6volts fully charged (under load, less). My f450 has 935kv motors on 3s LiPo with 10inch props. That is more like a better spec for something of the light weight if the f450. Your multirotor could be heavier though do would need more thrust. I would suggest running 2 of your LiPo batteries in series - that’s the same as 6s, so twice the voltage meaning theoretically, twice the rpm on your props. Be careful if you do convert to 6s though, as not all components are rated to 22.2volts.

Just read your comments about ESC timing - that has nothing to do with the speed of your motors, it is to configure the motor syncronization. Usually bigger moters (which rotate more slowly) have more poles and hence lower timing. I would not recommend you messing with ESC configuration unless you really know what you are doing in that area.

The link to HobbyKing shows a motor listed as being ‘4-8S Lipo Cells’.
3S (3 cell) Lipos won’t do an adequate job spinning a motor designed for up to 8s (8 cells) Lipos.
Get an appropriate battery and see if that helps.