Hi, does Planner2 have mjpeg-source option like MP?

Hi, guys,
I know that there’s a convenient function for integrating FPV in Mission Planner, that’s “set mjpeg source”, but seems like in Planner2 still no this feature now? Another thing I wonder that do Planner2 have plan to support multi-language just as Mission Planner? :slight_smile: :slight_smile: . I do believe that Planner2 will be a better choice for multi-platform than Mission Planner.

seems that 2.0.19 will be with FPV based on gstreamer? Goot to hear it!
And, how about multi-country language supporting just as MP? is there a plan? :slight_smile:

video support is experimental. You need to build the code yourself for that.

I’ll look at creating a version with ti. The issue I have is that it’s a large download. I’d like to make the download of the gstreamer libs optional.

No work being done on I18N. it would take effort before translations could start

Tks, got it! And also I’ve found a branch name “video-wip” is trying to support it. :stuck_out_tongue: