HexSoon EDU450 and TD-900 LED Lights

I have set up the EDU450 and recently installed the new Hexsoon PDB board and connected the TD-900 LED Lights. when powering the EDU450 up, the lights come on. However, I cant find any description on how to change the color, switch them on/off etc. Anyone seen any manual or have any idea how to wire up this and how to configure the parameters in the Cube?

Hi Joar,on my one pugs 1 and 2 on the hexsoon are red leds no 3 I think green and no’s456 are white,did you get the Lula script for the leds to work,also when you arm you should have the 2 rear omit a white strobe

No, I get all steady white light on all 4. They stay on all the time.

Also, apologies for my ignorance…but where so I get hold of the lula files?

Hi Joar,can you please send me your e mail by p/m please and I will send stuff to you I find it awkward heare having to upload by a third party


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sent you e mail Joars.

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Did you guys get the lua script?

No… I dont for the Cube Orange

The documentation for this PDB and LED’s is atrocious. Is there a repository of the LUA scripts or the syntax needed to write the LUA script somewhere I can reference?