Hexsoon 450 endurance advice please

Hi every one,im wanting to do a bit of long range with my Hexsoon 450,what is the maximum battery pack any one has used on the hexsoon 450,many thanks for any help

Hi Marty,

Welcome back!

According to the APM Wiki, you can use a 3300mAh to 5300mAh 3S battery.


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Hi Greg,yea busy reading up on stuff jesus it has moved mountains in the last year,how are you and your family doing hope all is good


The family is good, thanks. We’re starting to break out of our Covid shell this summer.

Good luck on your Hexsoon 450!

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I’ve seen 4S used on the Hexsoon 450, it required obvious battery setting changes plus a new tune.
We had to make some adjustments after Autotune though, probably because the battery was quite rectangular.

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I’m running 4S on the EDU-450. I tried my tuning with a 5200MAh. Power to spare, but the autotune just ruined the tune compared to the AC defaults, or the pre-loaded tune in Mission Planner. I’ve changed to a 4S-2300MAh. Haven’t tried to re-tune yet but on the pre-loaded tune and the Mission Planner Alt-A settings, it flies well. (could hold altitude better in my opinion, but for another topic)

Just looking at my logs, on the 5200 I hit 22 minutes a few times, but I would only bank on 18 to 20 depending on the day and how much I want to abuse my battery. That would have been some pretty easy going flying, but do-able.

On the 2300 I’m seeing about 12 minutes.

I don’t hammer my batteries too hard. I’m sure others may sneak out another minute or two on the same setup.

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Hi Alllister and Shawn,

Im just back into flying the Hexsoon450,ive got some 6225 li-on batts that did give around the 22/25 minute flying time,but my batteries are needing replaced think I will get some new 4000 cell lions and make a 4s 2p one that is 8000mah be a we bit heavier but if I get a constant 25 minute’s I will be happy

i just did a we test ibn my flat with a 622o li-on on the throttle was hovering at about -7 from midpoint and with 2 6220 in paroral it was hovering at plus 12 from mid point need to do some proper testing now but project hexsoon is go go go

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