Hexcopter with APM 2.6 Flip after take off

Hey All,
Been struggling with a problem. I am doing a build that I have had trouble with since the beginning.

I have a F550 frame with Hobbysky 2204 motors and a LiPo 3S 35C 2200mah battery. Using 10" prop with a 4.45 pitch
ESC’s are ZTW Spider 30A Opto
I have verified motor position and prop installation is correct.
I have manually configured the ESC’s and verified they are installed correctly (+/- wired to PCB gets power from the main battery
APM is powered from the battery as well
Accelerometer is tuned and so is GPS.

It seems like for whatever reason that my thrust max’s out at 50% on the throttle stick
But when I do get the thrust it goes right to the left.

Dropbox link to logs

The needed information was not in the files, any that I could find.
To make it worth your while to look you need to post a specific .bin of the problem flight, rather than expect people to spend needles time waiting through a whole directory of files.
The RCout was not logged, from which I can usually tell a lot.
Can you verify that your Tx has the AETR configuration?
So turn on as much logging as you can and even have it log before arming (Parameter).
Do a test flight and post the log file from the flight, or attempted flight.

Thanks for the tips on the log I’ll give that a try tonight. I’ve never dumped the log info before so I what I captured was the first 3 attempts. Only 1 had the crash the other 2 where something else (reposition or failed arming after the crash).

How do I know if my Tx has the AETR configuration? Is there something specific to look at that would give me that info?

One thing I wanted to mention I had this same problem with 920kv motors as someone suggested that my motors might be underpowered. Could the battery be to weak to drive the 6 motors with 10" props?


If you can pass the Radio calibration in Mission Planner then AETR is correct. It is simply making sure that each stick controls the correct Pixhawk “green” bar on the calibration page. Note that pitch is backwards from the rest of the controls, moving the pitch stick forward should make the green bar go down, not up.

DJI designed the F550 for 2212 or 2216 motors so 2204 are small.

Last, if everything is right, it takes a bold move to get a multirotor off the ground. If this is your first multirotor you must give more throttle than you might expect to get it up and off the ground. Until it get some air under it the controls don’t work as well. So you have to punch it and then be prepared to backoff. If you are “mousy” on your take off most multirotors will tend to flip or tilt if they are miss-balanced at all.

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I had no idea about the pitch being backwards. I definitely have an adjustment I need to do on my transmitter.

When I get home from work today I’ll give it tweak.